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The world is no longer a huge place to reside in, all thanks to social media websites. Social media platforms are technologies that help a user to share, view and upload ideas and thoughts and get connected with anyone at any corner of the world. In this 21st century, with the advent of various user friendly technologies and platforms, life seems easier. Getting connected to peers, relatives, etc no longer seems a big deal. Some of these social media websites include Gmail, Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, etc.

Facebook is one of the most demanding website among our generation. With its unique features and capability to connect with thousands of people worldwide, Facebook has been winning hearts since last many years. 13 to 50, Facebook users cannot be categorized by their age. Facebook help one to get updated about the various happenings in other’s lives, which stands quite important a work for people today. One can share pictures, upload videos, and make millions of friends sitting at one place. With the growing popularity of internet enabled smart phones, Facebook has received more fame and popularity and stands today as one of the most important social media website of all times. Nothing comes flawless; hence often Facebook users tend to face some technical difficulties while working on the site. In that case, udders are suggested to seek help from Facebook Customer Care Contact Number.

Facebook Contact Number 1-855-479-3999

How does Facebook Customer Service help to turn off the ‘Location’ feature of Facebook?

Facebook always wants to enhance its user’s experience but on the other side of the page Facebook has created a problem by making a ‘Location’ feature which is threat to the Facebook users because they don’t want to compromise with their privacy. Have a look on the following steps:

On Android:

  • In the very first step, click on Facebook app to open which you have installed it in your Smartphone.
  • Then, go to the menu button and tap on it.
  • After that, click on ‘Account Settings’ option to open it.
  • Afterwards, go to ‘Location’ option and tap on it.
  • Note that, if you stop the ‘Location History’ then ‘Nearby Friends’ feature will be disabled automatically.
  • Then, you need to tap on ‘Location Services’ option and to turn off.

Note:only android 6.0 or above versions give you the facility to disable the location feature of Facebook but if you are using lower version of android then you have to disable the location services of your entire device.

On iPhone:

  • Firstly, you go to the ‘Settings’ app of your iPhone and click on it to view the settings of your iPhone.
  • Secondly, click on ‘Privacy’ settings where you will see ‘Location Services’ option. So, tap on it.
  • Thirdly, click on ‘Facebook’ and you will be landed on location settings of Facebook.
  • At last, you need to tap on ‘Never’ option to turn off your location for Facebook.

How to Find Right Facebook Customer Service?

When you seek third-party Facebook Customer Service provider for your problematic Facebook account, be ensured that they are equipped with ultra-modern troubleshooting tools techniques and backed by tech geeks who have the opulent expertise and in-depth knowledge in troubleshooting all sorts of technical hitches pertaining to Facebook. An ample of tech support service providers available but who are especially dedicated to render a reliable customer Service with the one-stop solution.

Don’t have an account yet? Let’s get started!

Creating an account:

If you are interested to create an account of yours on Facebook, go through the following steps and you shall own an account in a jiffy!

  • Visit Facebook homepage
  • The homepage has a signup form. Fill up the sign up form, entering the necessary details that include name, age, gender, mail address, birth date, etc.
  • Select ‘Sign up’.

Have a look at the following steps

You have successfully created an account on Facebook! You always have the option to contact Facebook Customer Service number if you are facing any difficulty at any step.

Why to Take Technical Aid from Facebook Customer Service Team?

Security is always the main priority and no matters wherever we go, whatever we do. And, Facebook users always try to keep their profile safe and secure as many hackers are present in the market, who are eyeing on it. If you come across suspicious activities while on Facebook then availing help from Facebook Customer Service team would be no doubt beneficial to you.

Unfortunately, Facebook users cannot contact Facebook directly means no call, no text but they can avail help from help center but on help center only steps are given which may Facebook users don’t understand. ‘Where there's a will, there's a way’ and similarly Facebook Customer Service Number service can play the trick because this service is rendered by the experts who always ready to offer the best possible solution.

Have a look on the ultimate features of Facebook Customer Service:-

  • Services are available round the clock.
  • Professionals will guide you on every step.
  • Equipped with 24/7 working Toll-free helpline number.
  • Premium services at nominal charges and rest ones at no cost.
  • Free analysis.
  • Solutions catered on priority basis.

How to use ‘Town Hall’ feature of Facebook via Facebook Customer Care?

Facebook has launched its new feature ‘Town Hall’ which connects its users to the follow, locate and contact their local, state and federal government representatives. Actually, Facebook is focusing on civic engagement in a world to increase the participation in voting which is sometimes less than half of the population. So, following points will tell you how to use ‘Town Hall’ feature of Facebook:-

  • Firstly, you need to find the ‘Town Hall’ tab in your setting pages of the Facebook app.
  • Secondly, you are supposed to enter your address and this will let you view how many representatives are present in your district.
  • Thirdly, the list of representatives will be shown to you where you can opt to follow their Facebook Pages, if you are willing to see the updates in your ‘News Feed’. Even, you can also press contact.
  • Even, you are allowed to message, call, email & go to the Facebook Page of each representative and your messages will be sent through Facebook Messenger.

Note: Not all the representatives are available to contact via message, call, and email. So, their Facebook Pages will be the better option for you to contact them.

Creating a profile:

Now that you are done creating an account, your next aim should be to create your own profile on Facebook. A well maintained updated profile is necessary because that is where people are going to look out for you! Have a glance at the following steps and get going!

  • Log in with your mail address and password.
  • Facebook shall now tell you that a confirmation letter has been sent to your email account. You need to log in to your email account, open the confirmation link and it shall guide you to your new Facebook profile.
  • Now you would have to find friends. Facebook gives you the opportunity to go through your email address book for contacts of people who own an account on Facebook too. Tick the boxes on the left to select the ones you would want to add. Select ‘Add friend’ option available below. You can also search for people and add them up.
  • You need to update your profile by clicking on the ‘Update info’ option on your Facebook account homepage. Update your hometown, your school, college, office, etc as per your convenience.
  • You can change the privacy setting of each information on your profile by clicking on the dropdown menu on the right side of every field.
  • Put up a display picture for your account and you are set to use your account like a pro.

Need some more interesting tips to ease your journey on Facebook? Wondering how to contact Facebook Customer Service by phone? You can easily contact Facebook by calling on the toll free Facebook customer service phone number, which is available 24*7 at your service. You can also use the Facebook customer service email for more queries and solutions.

How Does Facebook Customer Service Aid To Turn On Login Approvals?

As an additional security facility, Facebook has launched the ‘Login Approvals’ features to its users. Officials strive hard to amend new security facility which has clear intention to protect users’ Facebook account from outside interference and digital treats. Once you turn on Login approval feature in your Facebook account, the officials will be asked to enter a unique (and easy to remember) login code every time you login your account from a device (be it from your mobile phone or through computer system). You can save the device and you won’t have to enter the login code again and again.

To enable login approval Facility on your Facebook account, you are required to follow these simple steps:

  • At the very step, you are required to log into your account.
  • Click ‘More’ to find out settings option.
  • Press ‘Page Down’ button of your keyboard to hit ‘Settings’ option.
  • Now select ‘Account Settings’ option and then click ‘Security’.
  • A small squire box will appear next to ‘Login Approvals 'On’.
  • Just click to check it and go to ‘Start Setup’ option
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to finalize the process.

Follow the above-cited maneuver to ensure utmost level of security for your Facebook account. You might come across some sorts of technical problems during the course of performing the operation. The helpline number of Facebook Customer Care team must be in your contact list. Once you call up at the helpline number, you will be associated with the tech experts who are sufficiently proficient in rendering the required technical help with any step of the operation.

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